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About Me

I’m, simply put, your classic otaku. Video games. Manga. Anime. I partake in them all and basically decided to try my hand at blogging to share my interest with people.

As such my intention with this Blog is to review series I read/watch/play (delete as appropriate) and I intend to attempt to have at least one post a week, whether that post is a review or otherwise. I will aim for sunday at the latest, however if one does not crop up and I’ve not said anything chances are I’m still working on something and have merely being delayed, Should that happen I apologise in advance.

I’m also involved with:

Feel free to share your opinions on series and suggest any you think I’d enjoy, after all in doing so I may well reveiw them and in doing so share the series to all my readers.

If you see a user anywhere under the name “Valahuir” Theres a fairly good chance it’s me, or that dirty sneaky doppelganger who seems to keep following me around according to people I know. /paranoia

  1. Hello!

    I run Anime Papers ( and was curious if you’d be interested in a link exchange? My site is frequently updated with over 8000 hand sorted wallpapers. I’m hoping you’ll take a look and then let me know. I enjoy crossing the niches we serve (imagery/blogging) because I think it can expand our viewership.


    • Yeah I’m cool with that, thanks for considering me.

      • That’s great! Adding you now and my pleasure. Keep up the good work and stay in touch if you ever want to work on any projects in the future. 🙂

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