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New Year, new posts.

January 2, 2015

You know, I’ve always found it odd that new year is in January rather than the begining of spring. As such I looked into the reason and it turns out it was because the month is named for the god Janus whom has one face looking forward into the future and one looking back into the past. I found this curious so I thought I’d share it is all. Not that thats relevant to my blog in any way.

So on topic, two months. I was kind of hoping I’d at least get a small one before now but i was right about lacking the time to do so. After all, i can’t blog about games I havn’t had chance to play. I have however had a dabble with a few over this period and played Rune factory 4 quite intently on the way to work and the like. As such I’ll give an overveiw of a few rather than a long post on one game as I normaly do. That said if people prefer this sort of format do let me know and I’ll take it into consideration for furture posts.

So first up, Rune Factory 4

<image to be added when I’m not posting off a portable device>

The 4th and final instalment of the Rune factory main story line. Both because it features the 4th and final Dragon-god and of course the company going under, but as sad as that is as a fan I can look upon them with fond memories.

New in this game is the fact you take charge of the towns development and are responcible for expanding it. To do so you earn points from questing, slaying monsters and shipping things that you in turn spend on new stores, expanding your farm and hosting festivals. If this reminded you of the upgrade system in Atelier Meraru, you’re not too far off.

Another factor that seperates it from it’s predacessors is the lack of artifcial bloating that the others had. 1 had a dungeon only accessable in winter, 2 forced you to get lots of resorces to build a school before gen 2 (and the real game) could start and 3 stopped you going to the final dungeon before you were married. As far as I can tell 4 lacks this. Although it does fakeout a bit with a dungeon that looks like the end and turns out isn’t (spoiler alert). It has (so far) boasted a whopping 9 dungeons so far, it’s unlikly you’ll complete them too fast, even if you try to storm the through main story as I did. Odds are I’ll play a second run later at a more leasurly pace to milk anything I may have inadverantly missed as a result.

With it’s traditional rather colourful cast of charicters from the naíve fairy to the outwardly stoic swordswoman (who obiously is scared of ghosts and is secretly hiding femanine tastes as is the cliché) if you liked the previous games or any harvist moon games it’s likly a good bet. The same holds true if you like your hero/adventurer types having to fund their adventures through honest work rather than being murder-hobos as is often the case.

Oh and you’re an amnesiac yet again. talk about flogging a dead horse eh?

Shin Megami Tensei 4

<and again>

What to say? It’s an oldschool turnbased jRPG with random and brutal difficulty spikes and monsters that can ambush you and cheap shot you dead in a round justl ike it’s predacessors.
It has a cast of named charicters with their own personalities but as I’m only up to the minaotaur which is maybe the second real boss I havn’t seen much so they may or may not graduate from the rather shallow plot devices the are currently.
As I’ve seen so far the ycan be summed up as; asshole noble, kind noble, apparent stuck-up girl who’s probably only tough on the surface and rogueish but gold hearted peasant. Never seen that before eh?

That said even if they don’t improve the charicters, this is a series played for it’s challenge, not it’s writing, thats more the ‘SMT: Persona’ series that has deep charicters, which is good as it’s baised around peoples bonds, but I digress. If you like the challenging games or yore then it’s not a bad stop.
Although you can pay playcoins or ingame cash to revive just before the combat you died in this time around that feels a little off for such a game, but you don’t have to use it and it does make the game more accessable to a wider audiance in doing so (and unlocking an optional easy mode if you die too much)

Freedom wars

<still nothing>

Take the reigns of a criminal sentanced to one million years of service for the henious crime of being born and as such a drain on resources. Yes you read that right, 1,000,000 years for what I understand as being born to the wrong parents and thus not a ‘citisen’. Harsh

This game is a 3rd person shooter and/or hack and slash depending on your loadout that entails fighting other sinners from other cities (Panoptocons) ot the giant robotic abductors that try to steal your citisens to force them to work in their cities.
I have seen this described as a furturistic monster hunter and in a way I agree. you harvist enimies bodies for items to enhance/create new gear, it’s multiplayer team focused, but not essensal due to the npc companions.

You start with no rights, including not being able to lie down to sleep or walk more than 5 steps but later gain the ability to customise not only your apperance but also the apperance of you AI jailer.
Personaly i find it oddly amusing that you’re alower to use said jailer as whats basicaly a doll. Guess it brings a new meaning to them being your ‘accessory’.

It also has tiger type, spider type and of all things DRAGON type giant robot abductors to fight. so their is plenty of viariaty in foes as well as mission varying from saving citisens, king of the hill battles and plan ol’ destroying your foes to keep you occupied. I also suspect their is an odd supernatural esk element but I’m only at code 6 of 8. But I have a feeling that 8 isn’t the end so much as the half-way line.

As a side note you also have a ‘thorn’ which is basicaly a grappling hook for scaling building and the robots, this lets to lop bits off them while they are still active akin to Dragons Dogma, somthing I am fond of myself.

I think that sums up what I’ve had chance to play these two months, next up I’m hoping to be able to marathon the anime I’m behind on. Certainly would kill the annoyance of having to wait a week for the continuation of a cliffhanger at least.
My MALGRAPH records for the last few months must look really poor, not good for someone whome claims to be a big enough fan to make reveiws for them as a hobby.

Oh and happy new year.


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