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No game, no life

August 30, 2014

No I’m not dead, I’ve just been focusing on personal projects and busy with work so never got around to updating or watching a lot of anime to be honest. Hopefully that will pick up a little though. But that aside.


Initially I was going to ignore this as pandering to obsessive fans as I heard it was riddled with references and seemed like another case of ‘anime references the anime’. When I did give it a go however I at least found it entertaining, if fairly predictable.

Simply put the main characters, a shut in brother-sister gamer duo are cast into another world where instead of violence and wars everything is settled by making wagers on games. And almost anything can be wagered, including the basics of territory, money and even people, but also more abstract things such as memories. They went into this world with an air of excitement as it was right down there ally as elite gamers. The world itself is split into 16 races each with their own abilities and ranking based on magic power. These include but are not limited to; the Deus, ex-gods who were cast down from divinity after the Great War, War beasts, the classic animal eared race with enhanced physical abilities, and elves.
There they have to scheme their way to victory for their objectives to come to fruition. And yes by scheme I do mean that they are like Light or Lelouch in this manner except that this series is generally light-hearted and somewhat ridiculous in its execution, as a result they aren’t criminal masterminds or terrorists, just a horny teenager and his even more socially awkward kid sister.

The characters are few in number but I’ll only mention the first three to avoid spoilers.
Sora, the eldest of the siblings and seemingly the face of the pair, this is in spite of them both having fear of public speaking and a terror of crowds oddly enough. Both a tactical genius and a lavasious pervert, the latter however is often nipped in the bud by the presence of his ten-year old sister and his unwillingness to expose her to ‘18+’ materials.
Shiro is the younger sister of the duo, a genius in the more general terms of things and manages to be more socially awkward than her brother, in that she seems to be barely able to talk to anyone but Sora, and after a while Steph and the other misfits of the team.
The third of the main cast is Stephanie Dolla, or ‘Steph’. She comes off as stupid because she is terrible at tactics and seems lacking in the foresight departments. She is also frequently victimised by the sibling’s pranks as a result of these things and her not knowing when to give up just serves to crank up the wagers they can use on her. In spite of all this she’s the princess to the kingdom of the Imanity (Humans) and graduated either high in her class or had top marks in her class back at school, I don’t recall which, only the shock on Sora and Shiro’s face when they found out.

Minor spoiler but meh, it amuses me.

The cast also includes and Angel, animal eared people including a nine tailed fox and an elf with a sadistic side.
Now the series was a little fan-servicey here and there but as we all know by now that’s unfortunately quite common in anime targeting males it seems, but at least it’s not generally overboard with it, unfortunately it DOES include Shiro and the other ‘Loli’ character in it which I feel I should give forewarning about. Most of the fan service comes in the form of a post-game visit to the bath house. No you didn’t accidently read a Mugen Souls review, hush.

All and all I’ll give it a 7/10, fun, but nothing spectacular, I’m not exactly biting my nails for the continuation after that cliff hanger ending but I would probably watch it if it’s made.

I’m not going to promise I can get back to my regular update schedule, but I’ll try to at least not let a month pass next time.


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