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I’m not dead but…

I figure I should drop something here to at least explain what’s going on to any who still care.

Between real life issues and when I have the time, lacking the motivation to play/watch anything, I have done little to nothing in the way of reviewable content for this blog. Maybe I’m burned out on anime for now, I don’t know.

All I do know is Atelier Shalle was only in my PS3 long enough to check it worked and the list of anime saved to my to-watch list is only growing.

I’m not going to make any promises to make a return soon, I hope I will, but watching anime and playing games are a hobby, not a chore to do because I feel I must. As such I will be putting this blog on an official hiatus until my motivation for the hobby returns.



New Year, new posts.

You know, I’ve always found it odd that new year is in January rather than the begining of spring. As such I looked into the reason and it turns out it was because the month is named for the god Janus whom has one face looking forward into the future and one looking back into the past. I found this curious so I thought I’d share it is all. Not that thats relevant to my blog in any way.

So on topic, two months. I was kind of hoping I’d at least get a small one before now but i was right about lacking the time to do so. After all, i can’t blog about games I havn’t had chance to play. I have however had a dabble with a few over this period and played Rune factory 4 quite intently on the way to work and the like. As such I’ll give an overveiw of a few rather than a long post on one game as I normaly do. That said if people prefer this sort of format do let me know and I’ll take it into consideration for furture posts.

So first up, Rune Factory 4

<image to be added when I’m not posting off a portable device>

The 4th and final instalment of the Rune factory main story line. Both because it features the 4th and final Dragon-god and of course the company going under, but as sad as that is as a fan I can look upon them with fond memories.

New in this game is the fact you take charge of the towns development and are responcible for expanding it. To do so you earn points from questing, slaying monsters and shipping things that you in turn spend on new stores, expanding your farm and hosting festivals. If this reminded you of the upgrade system in Atelier Meraru, you’re not too far off.

Another factor that seperates it from it’s predacessors is the lack of artifcial bloating that the others had. 1 had a dungeon only accessable in winter, 2 forced you to get lots of resorces to build a school before gen 2 (and the real game) could start and 3 stopped you going to the final dungeon before you were married. As far as I can tell 4 lacks this. Although it does fakeout a bit with a dungeon that looks like the end and turns out isn’t (spoiler alert). It has (so far) boasted a whopping 9 dungeons so far, it’s unlikly you’ll complete them too fast, even if you try to storm the through main story as I did. Odds are I’ll play a second run later at a more leasurly pace to milk anything I may have inadverantly missed as a result.

With it’s traditional rather colourful cast of charicters from the naíve fairy to the outwardly stoic swordswoman (who obiously is scared of ghosts and is secretly hiding femanine tastes as is the cliché) if you liked the previous games or any harvist moon games it’s likly a good bet. The same holds true if you like your hero/adventurer types having to fund their adventures through honest work rather than being murder-hobos as is often the case.

Oh and you’re an amnesiac yet again. talk about flogging a dead horse eh?

Shin Megami Tensei 4

<and again>

What to say? It’s an oldschool turnbased jRPG with random and brutal difficulty spikes and monsters that can ambush you and cheap shot you dead in a round justl ike it’s predacessors.
It has a cast of named charicters with their own personalities but as I’m only up to the minaotaur which is maybe the second real boss I havn’t seen much so they may or may not graduate from the rather shallow plot devices the are currently.
As I’ve seen so far the ycan be summed up as; asshole noble, kind noble, apparent stuck-up girl who’s probably only tough on the surface and rogueish but gold hearted peasant. Never seen that before eh?

That said even if they don’t improve the charicters, this is a series played for it’s challenge, not it’s writing, thats more the ‘SMT: Persona’ series that has deep charicters, which is good as it’s baised around peoples bonds, but I digress. If you like the challenging games or yore then it’s not a bad stop.
Although you can pay playcoins or ingame cash to revive just before the combat you died in this time around that feels a little off for such a game, but you don’t have to use it and it does make the game more accessable to a wider audiance in doing so (and unlocking an optional easy mode if you die too much)

Freedom wars

<still nothing>

Take the reigns of a criminal sentanced to one million years of service for the henious crime of being born and as such a drain on resources. Yes you read that right, 1,000,000 years for what I understand as being born to the wrong parents and thus not a ‘citisen’. Harsh

This game is a 3rd person shooter and/or hack and slash depending on your loadout that entails fighting other sinners from other cities (Panoptocons) ot the giant robotic abductors that try to steal your citisens to force them to work in their cities.
I have seen this described as a furturistic monster hunter and in a way I agree. you harvist enimies bodies for items to enhance/create new gear, it’s multiplayer team focused, but not essensal due to the npc companions.

You start with no rights, including not being able to lie down to sleep or walk more than 5 steps but later gain the ability to customise not only your apperance but also the apperance of you AI jailer.
Personaly i find it oddly amusing that you’re alower to use said jailer as whats basicaly a doll. Guess it brings a new meaning to them being your ‘accessory’.

It also has tiger type, spider type and of all things DRAGON type giant robot abductors to fight. so their is plenty of viariaty in foes as well as mission varying from saving citisens, king of the hill battles and plan ol’ destroying your foes to keep you occupied. I also suspect their is an odd supernatural esk element but I’m only at code 6 of 8. But I have a feeling that 8 isn’t the end so much as the half-way line.

As a side note you also have a ‘thorn’ which is basicaly a grappling hook for scaling building and the robots, this lets to lop bits off them while they are still active akin to Dragons Dogma, somthing I am fond of myself.

I think that sums up what I’ve had chance to play these two months, next up I’m hoping to be able to marathon the anime I’m behind on. Certainly would kill the annoyance of having to wait a week for the continuation of a cliffhanger at least.
My MALGRAPH records for the last few months must look really poor, not good for someone whome claims to be a big enough fan to make reveiws for them as a hobby.

Oh and happy new year.



Considering the time between updates I feel i should give people a heads up.

With the christmas season looming I am getting less and less free time to even play games or watch anime, let alone write a review about them. As a result I am not going to make promises or even guesses about the next time I can publish. After all, consider how long it took me to get time to play Danganronpa 2 that I just reviewed.

I am not closing the blog, nor am I stopping my reviews. I just feel it’s better to give people the low-down on what’s gonig on rather than just disappear off the map for an unspesified amount of time.

Typical really with Rune factory 4 and Shin megami tensei 4 imminent for the EU finally, but what can you do?

See you next time


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

What was that line from Altered beast again?



Now anyone who’s played the first game or watched the anime of that game will know what to expect as once again a bunch of high schoolers are in an enclosed environment and being forced to murder each other for the promise of freedom, William Wallace would be proud.

Last time there was a student with an unknown talent in the cast but this time you play said student rather than the ‘lucky’ student who got into the school via a lottery. Just to clarify he has lost his memories of what his skill is. Well I may as well point this out as it’s said right at the beginning, but according to the mysterious and homicidal Monokuma, everyone has lost their memories of the time spent at the prestigious hopes peak academy.


He’s watching, always watching. At least he has eyes.

What happened to their memories? Will they ever get them back? Why are they on an island? What is with the two talking stuffed toys? Why is the sky blue? What is the flight speed velocity of an unlaiden swallow? Why am I asking so many pointless questions? Well it is a mystery game; expect to ask yourself a lot of questions while you try to work out the bizarre happenings of the enigmatic Jabberwock Island.

Now as for the gameplay, I would say they mysteries are a bit harder than the previous game, but hardly mind numbingly difficult. As for the new features, such as the directly debating with people and finding their arguments flaws, made the game feel a bit fresher for those of us who have played the original without feeling like they nailed needless features on as happens so often with sequels. Outside of the trials where you try to pick holes in arguments to create an image of events and figure out ‘whodunit’ the game also includes an action mini-game where you play as one of the soft toys fighting and vanquishing the giant robots guarding the various islands. These are unlocked after every trial and supposedly reflect the off screen events leading to the new islands to explore after every trial. There is also a tamigotchi like feature where to raise a digital pet that grows based on the number of steps you take.

Now finally, the characters, I’ll keep data limited as to avoid spoilers as I did with the prior game and its anime.

Firstly Hajime Hinata, basically the player, lacks much personalisation other than his devout admiration of Hopes peak academy and generally comes off as a friendly and hopeful person.

Next up is Nagato komaeda, this incarnation’s lucky student. Pessimistic and seems to have an inferiority complex as well as harbouring a dark side. He also goes totally fan-boy over anything remotely relating to hope.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is a weird one however, he is the ultimate Yakuza. Yes apparently hopes peak academy, the school for elite students considers being the heir to an organised crime syndicate a legitimate skill. This makes even less sense than last games biker gang leader. He is as offensive as you’d expect and within no time at all, is on almost everyone’s bad side.

Next up is Teruteru Hanmura the ultimate cook, although he prefers to be called a Chef instead. Openly perverted to the extent that it went beyond the presumed comedy and I actually found almost every one of his lines annoying before long as almost everything he says seems to carry subtext, sometimes even when he’s talking about food which makes up almost all of the rest of his dialogue.

Peko Pekoyama is the ultimate Swordswoman with an equally odd name and as you have most likely already guessed from that, is stoic and serious. She carries her wooden sword everywhere she goes.

An odd seeming one for a talent a school would want is Chiaki Nanami, the Ultimate gamer. Quiet and makes frequent references to games. She is also borderline narcoleptic, falling asleep at the drop of a hat even when standing up.

Next up is the Ultimate Lolita or Traditional dancer officially, Hiyoko Saionji. Now anyone familiar with the expression used will realise she looks and acts like a pre-teen from her oft’ childish demeanour and love of candy, however she is also brutally rude and obnoxious with a tendency to give people verbal lashing over the littlest thing. She is also quick too tears if things go against her.

As a player of the original game Ibuki Mioda the ultimate Musician was an interesting one in a sense. She part of the same band that Saiyaka Maizono from the original game was part of before they broke up due to creative differences. As she is into death metal and wants to perform that I’m guessing that is why or at least part of why. As for the character herself, she says peculiar things constantly adding little to most conversations, comes off as a completely clueless and somewhat of a ‘space cadet’. I’m not sure how much of the nonsense are her performers ‘persona’ and how much are actually her own personality

Byakuya Togami the ultimate affluent prodigy is heir to the Togami family and unlike the last game he is incredibly rotund to put it politely. The how’s and whys of him being in both games are a big spoiler and he is a fairly secretive person so I will leave it at this.

Mahiru Koizumi, the ultimate paparazzi Photographer is very stern with the men on how they ‘should act’ and immediately jumps on behaviour such as cowardice or poor manners with a stern lecture, other than that she has a kindness under that tough exterior, she also seems to have something against ‘hollow’ compliments such as saying her photos are ‘amazing’ without giving more concrete views.

Up next is Mikan Tsumiki the ultimate Nurse. Timid and clumsy to a fault and is as a result of this frequently victimised by Hyoko’s verbal lashings. She is also inexplicably able to trip over just about anything and get into compromising positions. Personally I found she got annoying quickly but I’m just not fond of the ditzy type myself.

I can’t say I was fond of the next character in my list. Nekomaru Nidai the ultimate Coach. Obnoxiously loud and seriously needs a volume control installing for one as he seems to lack an indoor voice half the time, not a character type I’m fond of generally. And secondly the fact he regularly talks about bowel movements. Yes that’s right; the burly hard-ass coach is the toilet humour guy. Lovely eh?

I found making an opinion on Akane Owari, the ultimate Gymnast tricky because her personality traits are a bit all over the place sometimes. She is gluttonous yet athletic, stupid yet insightful, violent yet kind. To clarify, she is always stuffing her face at any given opportunity and loves a good brawl, which Nekomaru is her preferred target due to his obscene strength, although even by the first trial after a murder she still hasn’t grasped the ‘punishment’ for failing to catch the culprit, which is execution, in case you don’t know yet.

A curious if slightly annoying character is Gundham Tanaka the ultimate breeder. As in animal husbandry in case it wasn’t obvious. Annoying because he is the classic delusional ‘8th grade syndrome’ character, curious because in spite of his eccentricities he keeps you guessing somewhat because of them, If you can decipher what he is saying half the time at least. His most curious feature however is the fact he keeps his trained hamsters in his scarf. He also seems to be weak to compliments.

Now, what to say about Kazuichi Soda, the ultimate Mechanic? Other than in the main game he seems to be lacking somewhat in characterisation past the fact he is largely useless in most situations comes off as spineless and has somewhat of a fixation with Sonia Nevermind, which puts him at odds with Gundham because she is fond of his hamsters and their tricks.

Finally, Sonia Nevermind the ultimate princess is a literal bona fide princess from a small European kingdom of Novoselic. It is fictitious as you’d, for those like me who are not great at geography (I did check). She behaves regally as you’d expect, is well-spoken and gives of the noble air without coming across as haughty or elitist unlike many nobles in fiction.

I mentioned some of these characters are annoying, yes and by themselves they could well be unbearable (like my jokes) but half of the fun with the characters is all of these extreme personalities clashing in interesting ways. That and as ‘geniuses’ at their subject you’d expect at least some of them to be a little peculiar would you not?

So to summarise, the added features were nice but plot and character wise I do not feel like it stood up to the original really. But as its own game it gave enough data on the background and references to the prior game were not so ham handed that you don’t know what’s going off without having played it. So it does stand up on its own merits unlike some sequels I’ve played. A bit off topic but to clarify my point, I’ll use Ar Tonilico Qoga (no.3) for the example, it throws the games own lingo at you from the word go as if it expects you to know what it’s talking about. Its predecessors were on a different generation of console to make it worse. So taking it on its own merits as I thankfully can I’m inclined to give it a  7/10 solid gameplay and interesting enough to keep you playing if you like mystery type games.

It never did explain why the blood is pink though. That still confuses me.


No game, no life

No I’m not dead, I’ve just been focusing on personal projects and busy with work so never got around to updating or watching a lot of anime to be honest. Hopefully that will pick up a little though. But that aside.


Initially I was going to ignore this as pandering to obsessive fans as I heard it was riddled with references and seemed like another case of ‘anime references the anime’. When I did give it a go however I at least found it entertaining, if fairly predictable.

Simply put the main characters, a shut in brother-sister gamer duo are cast into another world where instead of violence and wars everything is settled by making wagers on games. And almost anything can be wagered, including the basics of territory, money and even people, but also more abstract things such as memories. They went into this world with an air of excitement as it was right down there ally as elite gamers. The world itself is split into 16 races each with their own abilities and ranking based on magic power. These include but are not limited to; the Deus, ex-gods who were cast down from divinity after the Great War, War beasts, the classic animal eared race with enhanced physical abilities, and elves.
There they have to scheme their way to victory for their objectives to come to fruition. And yes by scheme I do mean that they are like Light or Lelouch in this manner except that this series is generally light-hearted and somewhat ridiculous in its execution, as a result they aren’t criminal masterminds or terrorists, just a horny teenager and his even more socially awkward kid sister.

The characters are few in number but I’ll only mention the first three to avoid spoilers.
Sora, the eldest of the siblings and seemingly the face of the pair, this is in spite of them both having fear of public speaking and a terror of crowds oddly enough. Both a tactical genius and a lavasious pervert, the latter however is often nipped in the bud by the presence of his ten-year old sister and his unwillingness to expose her to ‘18+’ materials.
Shiro is the younger sister of the duo, a genius in the more general terms of things and manages to be more socially awkward than her brother, in that she seems to be barely able to talk to anyone but Sora, and after a while Steph and the other misfits of the team.
The third of the main cast is Stephanie Dolla, or ‘Steph’. She comes off as stupid because she is terrible at tactics and seems lacking in the foresight departments. She is also frequently victimised by the sibling’s pranks as a result of these things and her not knowing when to give up just serves to crank up the wagers they can use on her. In spite of all this she’s the princess to the kingdom of the Imanity (Humans) and graduated either high in her class or had top marks in her class back at school, I don’t recall which, only the shock on Sora and Shiro’s face when they found out.

Minor spoiler but meh, it amuses me.

The cast also includes and Angel, animal eared people including a nine tailed fox and an elf with a sadistic side.
Now the series was a little fan-servicey here and there but as we all know by now that’s unfortunately quite common in anime targeting males it seems, but at least it’s not generally overboard with it, unfortunately it DOES include Shiro and the other ‘Loli’ character in it which I feel I should give forewarning about. Most of the fan service comes in the form of a post-game visit to the bath house. No you didn’t accidently read a Mugen Souls review, hush.

All and all I’ll give it a 7/10, fun, but nothing spectacular, I’m not exactly biting my nails for the continuation after that cliff hanger ending but I would probably watch it if it’s made.

I’m not going to promise I can get back to my regular update schedule, but I’ll try to at least not let a month pass next time.


Date a Live S2

Well I’m a bit very behind on finishing up springs anime it seems, being several to half of the episodes behind on a few series.
Perhaps I should finish them before starting anything new. Famous last words, I know.

date a live

Sooo Date A Live 2
Now I mentioned In a review I did for the first series that it was rather surprising that I enjoyed it as it a harem romance series and I don’t tend to really enjoy them all that much.

I wind up watching a few episodes of a bunch though because they get simulcast a lot, and I’m a firm believer that you should at least give something a try before you knock it, Especially if they seem like they may at least be worth a giggle or two. Well, generally speaking anyway, I’ve got no intention to try one of those extreme eating contests I’ve heard about, but I digress.

I mention that review because this series doesn’t really keep in with what made that series so amusing I felt. There was a lot less of the shenanigans caused by the spirits (mostly Tokha admittedly) not really understanding how the world works. To an extent it was more plot focused, which is a good thing sure, but half of the reason I liked the first series was the characters more than the setting and aside from Tokha, and Kurumi towards the end, the existing characters felt largely neglected in favour of adding the polar opposite twinset, one of whom is a classic chuunibyou, and an androphobic idol. At least the idol advances the plot eventually when we learn she is not a normal spirit, but that is about all we learn about that this series.
Now I keep referring to the previous series because this series is not one of the ones that can operate independently of its predecessors, For example, Black butler’s series 2 or Hayate the Combat Butler’s series 2.

Well I should menton the overall plot somewhere for people unaware. Otherwordly being called ‘spirits’ are entering the world and causing mayhem and distruction in the form of ‘space quakes’ when they do. The govenment have a witch unist, the AST to combat and distroy them on detection but the main charicter gets roped into another groups plans. Namely to take said spirits out on date, make them fall for him and seal their powered with a kiss. Yes a kiss, the main character can inexplicably do this. This does allow them to live peaceful lives as humans, in theory. Perhaps unsurprisingly I initaly rejected the idea of watching it upon learning the basic plot because it sounded terrable and like a typical harem anime set up. I was eventaly conviced to try it because its ‘better than it sounds’. It was, It was quite entertaining in my opinion.

Well that aside the new characters I felt didn’t really add a lot to the series, they aren’t bad per say but they are falling dangerously close to the other ‘harem’ anime’s pitfall of cut and paste archetypes with the entirety of the twins development being there twins who are totally different (I.E. the polar opposite twins) and the lesbian man hater whom inexplicably winds up falling for the protagonist in the idols case. And if you think that was a spoiler then you clearly don’t understand how these series work.
Personally I think it would have felt more natural if she hadn’t have fallen for him but simply gained a respect for him or something. But that’s just my opinion on the matter, and one I’m not likely to see happen in such a series.
The twins, to elaborate have one as a fairly energetic and open emotionally yet rational and the other lacks outward displays of emotion both facially and vocally, yet speaks and acts like she has eighth grade syndrome.

All in all it’s not a bad series, it doesn’t hold up to the first. It is however more plot focused, and it has made me at least curious about what is going on which could lead into an impressive season three.
As such I think 6/10. It rides the coat rails of the first series a lot and doesn’t add a lot, but it has opened the path to the next installment being plot focused and following the original formula.

Hyperdimention Neptunia: Producing Perfection

For fans of the genere who have missed this one I’ll give you a heads up now that it’s a side story and a completely different genere from the usual RPG with the fragile 4th wall.

nep pp

This time it’s a waifu raising dating sim idol game where you chose one of the 4 charicters and you as a poor shmuck summoned into their world on a whim have to help your chosen girl become gameindustri’s top idol. With a frigile 4th wall.

Now at this point I’ve played through all four girls ‘good’ ends and one ‘true’ end to get a getter grasp of it but as you can probably guess from this and it’s launch date that it’s very short.
It’s realistic to be able to complete a run in a few hours as you have up to 180 days (or get the bad end) to make your girl the most popular. This is easier than it sounds because that only means you need 26% of shares, less if you’re fast.
But as their are 12 endings, 3 for each girl it makes sence that it’s not too long, otherwise people would likly get bored/ get a new game to play long before that point. Especaly considering the only difference between the girls is the scenes and not the gameplay itself.

The gameplay however is largly like a dating sim if you’ve ever played one. If you havn’t the closest thing I can liken it too is the limited time and spending them increasing your socal links and/or stats in a persona game.
Except here it’s increasing your girl’s apptitude at beign an idol and puting on conserts. Which is from a mighty pool of 5 songs, one of which is only usable in freeplay and as your final game winning consert.
During which you time using flashy effects with the audences excitment you get a higher score, and by extention more fans. That and changing camera angles that I don’t think did anything but let you get an angle of your choise for veiwing the dancing.
You can also change the outfits and which stage you use to keep it fresh.

Now the key point fans of HDN really care about, the events.
Their are assorted events and shanagagans for all of the girls, some also involving the girls little sisters, some just involving them.
For instance, you get kidnapped by them and when you ask why you were knocked out and dragged all this way

All of the girls have their own unique events of course, and a few that crossover, such as the one above and the ones where all of the girls you can chose meet up for somthing.
This includes one for (presumably) all of the girls where you accidentaly walk into them in the bath. Because that’s apparently easy to do, not sure I get how, to be honest.
Most scenes thataffect stats will only raise them, apart from stress and guts, they fluctuate a lot.
The exeption to the core stats is ‘Trust’ some scenes can lower it, for example reacting incorectly to the bath bit.

Now this is somthing I don’t tend to do but this IS an idol game and I’ve never played one before, as such I asked a friend who plays them a lot his take and he basicaly turned his nose up at it because.

Theres no rhythm game stuff during song sections and instead just some dumb fiddling around.

and that

It’s a dating sim masquerading as an idol manager like IM@S

As such there you have it. If you want a decent idol game then don’t look here.
I would even go as far as you say if you’ve never played a Neptunia game then you’re probably better off not bothering either, after all a lot of the events really need a prior knowledge of the setting to know whats going on to make any sence I feel.
That said I went into it looking for shanagagans from Neptune and the crew and thats what I got, so if you’re a fan of the series and just want whats basicaly a visual novel of Neptune and co then you could do worse.

All in all it’s a 3/10, I enjoyed it sure, but that doesn’t stop it from being a terrable game that scarcly warrents the full price. After all is said, there is almost no real gameplay and is only going to be of interest to existing fans of the series.
And numbering among the eight of us that actually own a Vita no less, unless ofcourse the vita suddenly became more popular while I wasn’t looking.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link between worlds

I realise I’m a bit late on the mark, but I did only finaly buy this a fortnight ago.


I’ll keep this breif because really it’s only the mechanics and this instalments gimicks that are worth talking about really.
Now before any fans jump on that and get angry, what I mean is the plot is basicaly this,

“An evil jester-mage comes to Hyrule and kidnaps Princess Zelda and the seven Sages to resurect Ganon for the power of the Triforce”

Aside from who the mage is, thats largly the same story as nearly all of the others but thats not necerceraly a bad thing. After all but everyone knows Nintendo prefers to to rehash and adapt existing franchises rather than make whole new ones. But if there is a market for them, why not?

So to those three guys people not familair with Zelda games, they are an over head puzzle/adventure where you go to various dungeons filled with monsters and fight/solve your way through them to rescue the person/find the treasure on the deepest layer. Then working your way to saving the world by vanquishing a world threatening monster.

For everyone elce the main differences in this game are the fact that you can pick the order you do the dungeons in, you are no longer limited by what loot you have found.
This is because you can now rent items from a store and use them to get into the dungeon of your choise. You can also pay a premium and buy the items to that you can upgrade them/not lose them upon KO.

I know their were a lot of negative opinions about this but i didn’t mind it too much. While I wasn’t fond of the mechanic it did at least give the game a more open feel.
But unfortunatly it also make it feel too simple as rupies are thrown at you constantly and if you do what I did and rent everything immediatly then you can practicaly go anywhere or do anything removeing one of the charms of slowly unlocking locations and the need to return to paces when you unlock things to explore a bit further.

I’ll not emphisise on what happened as it’s a spoiler but the plot twist at the end and Ravio’s true identity are both painfuly obvious so while I apreciate the attempt at a twist to keep you on your toes, it fell completly flat as I saw it coming a mile away.

The streetpass was a nice addition though, it let you fight other players charicters with their health/armour and sword level and whatever items they set up on in advance. Unfortunatly all this offered was yet another means to get Rupies and a ‘trophy’ sytem for defeating them in certain ways.

So to summerise, as a fun game? You could play worse.
As a challenge? Look elsewhere.
As a Zelda fan? It’s not great but it’s not a bad installment and could well pave the way to a more solid open world next time.

All in all I’d say it’s an average 5/10 I didn’t really feel much for the game, positive or negative. Their are far worse ways I could have killed time on the bus to work but on the flip side, there were better ways too.


Kill la Kill

Memo to self, save draft is not the same as publishing.
My being a dumbass a side.

Finding a SFW image of KlK on google was a nightmare.

Kill la Kill is made by the same team as Tengan Toppa Gurran Laggan and it’s just as mental.
Evil clothing, plot twists, an elite four and scissors for swords all coupled with over the high-octane top action that a fan of the team would expect..

Suffice to say it your opinion on that is likely to carry across here as it follows similar conventions to TTGL. I’ll not go into details as to avoid spoilers, but as far as plot twists and our dear Ryuko getting out of situations, it’s clear that he same minds were behind it.

Now I’ll say now that I enjoyed it a lot, it’s by no means perfect and if you tried to take it seriously is would probably seem awful, but while it may have apocalyptic undertones later on it never strays far from the lunacy that the series starts off with and should be approached with that mindset.

The plot starts out with Ryuko Matoi going to Honnoji high in pursuit of answers about who murdered her father and why and clashing with the tyrannical student counsel and their super powered uniforms. but of course, nothing is quite as it seems.

While the series doesn’t take itself overly seriously most of the comic relief comes from Ryukos idiot friend Mako Mankanshoku and her misfit family breaking up the action with her nonsense or just generally causing mayhem along with the bizarre ‘elite four’ and their over the top powers and dedication to the stuco-president Satsuki Honnoji.
Perhaps amusingly the series ‘straight man’ is both Ryuko of course but also her sentient school uniform Sanketsu whom also possesses insane powers. Although as only Ryuko can hear him everyone just assumes she’s crazy.

Theirs not a lot else I feel I can say without ruining either plot or crazy shenanigans so I’ll leave it off with the fact I feel it’s a solid 8/10 and a definite recommendation for anyone who likes high-octane action and crazy fights and/or shenanigans.

Addendum: I forgot to mention the huge amount of fan service, might be a key point for some people choosing to avoid it, or at least being careful WHERE they watch it so , yeah.
Almost everyone who loses a fight in KlK winds up being stripped naked. Over the top and unnecessary, perhaps, but oddly it makes sence in the context of the plot, when it’s finally explained, so take that as you will.
You have been warned, so don’t watch it around your grandma.


The Promised land

Well because I’m still suffering writers block y’all can have an indie game review instead of Kill la Kill.


i ordinarily don’t play games like this but it looked like a curious mix of The Settlers and Virtual Villagers and at the time it was on sale so i figured ‘why not’.

Simply put I was right, you basically build u pa boat load of untrained villagers in their bid to settle on a new land and find the legendary ‘fountain of eternal happiness’.


Other than that the game has little in the way of story other than occasional events (quests really) that generally involve making or gathering items, sometimes within a time limit to get a bonus but failing to do so does not give penalties.

Other than advancing your town and preventing your people from starving by overpopulation (I nearly did this once by forgetting to assign extra workers into food production. >.< ) But aside from that one slip up I honestly found the game too easy with very little in the way of challenge, which also carryed over for the two mini games it had.

The first was fighting pirates that handles in the exact same way as angry birds and the second was a puzzle that involved rotating plates to line up colours.


So to sum up, if you like the games I mentioned then you can do worse, otherwise it’s little more than a short and not all that interesting distraction, as such I’d say it’s a 4/10